It’s your big day. I will help you celebrate it your way. Together, we will create a truly unique ceremony that pays homage to you and your partner as individuals yet showcases your harmony and unity as a couple. Include religious elements or don’t. Bring family and heritage traditions into a new era. Go formal […]


When you feel ready, I can help you celebrate a life lived. Memorials can take place at any time or occasion. After a cremation, for example, you may decide to hold a ceremony that pays tribute to your loved one. Or, you might like to mark the anniversary of a loved one’s death, birth, or […]

Pet Funerals

Pets are members of the family. We love them dearly and can be profoundly saddened by their passing. Whether or not you are religious, a funeral, memorial, or farewell ceremony can bring closure, peace, and comfort, allowing you and your family to celebrate the joy and unconditional love your precious animal brought to your life.

Commitment Ceremony

Would you like to celebrate your love without the legal paperwork? If so, a commitment ceremony might be for you. This special occasion can be as similar or different to a wedding as you wish: exchange rings, share promises, and invite your nearest and dearest to revel in the joyous, loving moment. Symbolic elements – […]

Vow Renewals

A vow renewal ceremony is your opportunity to reaffirm your love for your partner. It’s also a beautiful way to relive precious moments you’ve shared as a couple. Vow renewals can take place anywhere that suits you and your guests, whether you would like to walk down the aisle in front of hundreds or keep […]

Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way of welcoming your new baby into the world. It can also be a thoughtful step in solidifying your new family unit when adopted or stepchildren come into your life. Parents, family, and friends can all be involved in your ceremony, and it can take place anywhere you like: […]


In your own time, you can create a beautiful tribute that commemorates your loved one. Finding the right poems, music, and readings can be challenging. I am here, by your side to assist every step of the way. With respect and compassion, I can compose words of remembrance for you or myself to read on […]